Learning Outcome IV

Be able to critique their own and others’ work by emphasizing global revision early in the writing process and local revision later in the process.

Note: These pages can be found under the Marked Free Draft of Peer page, however I have placed them here for easy access.

In the specific essay pictured above, I focused particularly on global edits such as how authors were introduced into the paper and whether or not the claim sentences supported the writer’s thesis. I also suggested adding paragraphs to fit the prompt and possibly reorganizing the paper for a better flow. I also focused on aspects of MLA such as in-text citations and adding a last name before the page number in the top right-hand corner.

I believe my knowledge regarding the skillset required to successfully revise another student’s paper has grown since I first began this class. I have learned a lot about what I should be looking for as well as organization of essays. I believe there will always be room for improvement in the process of peer editing, however each person has their own style of writing and opinions vary widely when it comes to making suggestions on others’ literary work.