Learning Outcomes V and VI

V. Document their work using appropriate conventions (MLA).

VI. Control sentence-level error (grammar, punctuation, spelling).

Both in class, and in the Little Seagull Book that was required for the English 110 course, the MLA guidelines were heavily laid out and reviewed. Every aspect was an imperative structure for each assignment I completed, with a strong influence on citations. Personally, understanding the order and character style of each fragment was not a simple task to develop. However, it has become almost second nature. Yet still, it is not uncommon for me to double check each reference after I have written it down. In “Nursing: The Arts & Sciences” (Showcase Writing Project), I was sure to do just that.

In class, especially at the time of revision of a free draft, my instructor carefully went over local revisions mainly regarding typical sentence errors. I was careful to avoid these or edit them out of each of my formal drafts. I used this specifically by revising sentences that seemed awkward or not particularly clear. Reviewing these concepts in class was a beneficial refresher for my papers due within this course, as well as for writing outside of class.