Planning the Journey

The Influence Paper is a scholarly paper that integrates a current health issue with theoretically guided research, and will count as the Final for this course. I will complete this project as part of a team, who will work together from deciding on a topic all the way to the submission date. I strongly believe that combining each of my team members’ well-practiced researching and writing skills will allow us to compose the best final project possible.

Fortunately, I have worked with each of my team members on similar projects in the past, and am fully confident that communication will be a simple task. As for holding myself and others accountable for task completion, I plan to construct a system in which we will upload each portion of the project and review it as a group in a timely manner prior to the due date.

Though I do not anticipate conflict to arise during the completion of this paper, I think the best way to manage it would be communication. If one team member feels that there is an issue in the workload or timing, it should be addressed and resolved. Reliable and effective team work will ensure the best results in the Final Project.

In the past, I have had many experiences involving team projects. However, none of which were papers. It will be interesting to see how different writing styles will mesh to make up the final draft. I believe that multiple points of view will be beneficial in creating an influential essay, and that this concept can also be reflected in the nursing practice. Working in collaboration with others is an imperative skill to learn as a future nurse and I am excited to have the opportunity to put it into practice.