Nurse Logic Module I Reflection

In preparation and advancement toward becoming a registered nurse, there are many considerations I must take into account. One of the most significant challenges I will face on the way to beginning this career is the NCLEX Exam. The sole purpose of this test is to ensure that the individual taking it is prepared to safely begin practicing as an entry-level nurse. After the completion of my time as an undergrad at UNE, I plan to have all of the knowledge and skills I will need to be a successful, educated nurse. However, in order to proceed with this next step in my life, I have to show proof of this. The NCLEX Exam is very unlike any other exam I have taken, in terms of the way the questions are asked and how I should think about any given situation. This requires a lot of practice and critical thinking. The Nurse Logic Module: Testing & Remediation is a tool that will help me understand the way I should be thinking about certain situations in order to answer the questions on NCLEX successfully. It also provided me with an abundance of information regarding what to expect for this examination. After the completion of this module, I feel I have a tight grasp on what I should be focusing on in order to prepare for the NCLEX Exam.

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  1. Nicely done Elizabeth. I would have enjoyed a bit less about the role of the NCLEX exam in exchange for more tips that you learned about testing. You will see that as you move forward, most of your tests will be constructed in a very similar manner to NCLEX to help you become comfortable with the style and format. Nicely written.

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