Nurse Logic Module II Reflection

The second Nurse Logic Module was focused on Nursing Concepts, arguably one of the most important topics to be understood by future nurses. This specific learning tool identifies the ten nursing concepts as part of a “Helix of Success”, which focuses on the knowledge, skills, and attitudes I will need in order to practice successfully. Each of the ten horizontal bars of the helix represents a concept that holds the structure of the helix together. These include client-centered care, interdisciplinary collaboration, evidence-based practice, quality improvement, informatics, safety, client education, professionalism, leadership, and priority setting. Understanding the framework for these concepts is just as important as the ability to carry them out in practice. In having this mindset, I will be confident in helping patients to the best of my ability each day.

One thought on “Nurse Logic Module II Reflection”

  1. Again, I would like the focus to be on what you learned, not a summary of the module. Reflection is thinking about what you read or saw and how it will influence you in the future. Did you learn something new, or was all of this a repeat? Well written but not quite what I am looking for; feel free next time to combine modules 3 & 4 into a single post. Thanks.

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