Nurse Logic Module III Reflection

Knowledge and clinical judgement are two of the most important assets to the nursing career. In this module, Knowledge is described as “the acquisition of facts and principles based on evidence and is considered to be the foundation of reasoned action”. Knowledge is something that is acquired over time through experience and reinforced in clinical settings. Clinical judgement, on the other hand, is “the decision made regarding a course of action based on a critical analysis of data when nursing knowledge is applied to a clinical situation”. Using this in practice ensures safe, high-quality, and client-centered care, which is the ultimate goal of nursing. Learning about these topics and how to acquire them will be extremely useful on my path to becoming a registered nurse and will enhance my performance in practice in the future.

One thought on “Nurse Logic Module III Reflection”

  1. Elizabeth, this is a great synopsis of the module but really doesn’t reflect on your own learning nor how you will use new learning to impact the care you provide. Want to hear more of your own thoughts.

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