Medication Reconciliation Reflection

During the process of completing my medication reconciliation on a patient I cared for during my clinical, I did find some safety concerns that were notable. These include the order for multiple drugs that have the potential to interact with one another, the patient is a fall risk, and many of the medications the patient was taking are likely to cause GI tract issues and excessive bleeding. These safety concerns were more closely related to the age of the patient and their condition, but could be related to confusion related to the excessive number of different medications this client is taking. In addition, since the patient resides in a long term care facility, they are not the one keeping track of their medications. However, this does not dismiss the fact that all individuals should understand all parts of their medication regimen.

There were multiple medications that this client is taking that had similar effects. However, none are detrimental to the client’s health and the client is closely monitored around the clock, as they are currently in an acute care setting. Also due to this reason, I can contend that none of these medications should be deemed as an oversight, and that each has a specific purpose. 

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