From Inquiry Through Discovery

Significant progress has been made on the road to completion of my group’s Final Influence Paper. The other members of Team KLED and I have so far chosen a topic, developed a searchable PICOT question, and retrieved four relevant peer-reviewed scholarly articles.

Since the beginning of this process, we have had to manipulate our PICOT question in order to find articles that pertained well to the topic. This posed to be the biggest challenge yet, as we searched for over a week for articles and did not come up with any that would be effective in researching the previous PICOT question. However, this was resolved with the help of our instructor, who gave us specific advice on how to properly use the database to get the results we were looking for that were effective in answering our revised question.

On the other hand, my group was able to successfully identify a topic that we all wanted to know more about and that we were interested in researching. When we realized the PICOT question was too broad, we were able to adjust it so that the topic didn’t change completely, but articles on the topic could be found.

My team members and I have run into no problems regarding collaboration. Each of us works diligently and completes tasks appropriately. I have enjoyed working with my peers and am looking forward to continuing to do so.

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