Appraisal & Synthesis

Kangaroo Care is a topic that fascinates me and I am happy that I got a chance to learn so much about it. The assumptions I had before completing the literature appraisal and synthesis were not necessarily changed so much as reinforced. I always had a notion that skin-to-skin contact between parent and baby would be beneficial overall, but I did not realize the extent to which it would positively impact the growth and development of premature neonates. These findings will be advantageous in my future nursing practice, especially if I decide to focus on the NICU. Implementing Kangaroo Mother Care with my patients is a safe and reliable way to help stimulate growth of infants born prematurely.

Each article used in my Influence Paper as well as each of my group members arrived at the same conclusion. There were only minor discrepancies among our thinking, but these were resolved with little effort. In general, the four of us worked very well together and each individual participated equally.

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