Ethical Considerations

After completing all of the Ethics assignments, my understanding of the nurse’s contribution to ethical conduct of research and implementation of research findings has not necessarily changed, but was enhanced. Nurse Evers Boys further taught me, as a nurse, to be to an advocate for my patients. I will strive to do what is best for my patients at all times, which was not necessarily reflected in the film. I think it is also an important responsibility of nurses to be educated on the history of ethics for the particular reason portrayed in the film. It is important not only for nurses to know how to provide proper ethical care, but also what to avoid.

As a nursing student, my capacity to participate in the ethical conduct of research, quality improvement, and evidence-based practice initiatives has grown significantly. The assignments laid out in this course have been extremely beneficial in my understanding of how to incorporate research and ethics into my future practice. I am excited to eventually put the knowledge I obtained in this course into practice.

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