Final Reflection

Throughout the writing process of my Influence Paper, I learned a lot about collaboration, the effect of skin-to-skin contact on premature neonates, and most importantly evidence-based practice. The knowledge I obtained by creating this scholarly paper will undoubtedly aid in my practice as a nurse in the future. For instance, I now have a better understanding of what it is like to work in collaboration with others to achieve a common goal. In nursing, the use of multiple interdisciplinary health care teams is imperative in order to effectively treat patients. I believe that having a better understanding of evidence-based practice is also going to be pertinent to my every day routine as a nurse. The ability to learn from past nurses and researchers and incorporate their knowledge and findings into my practice will ultimately lead to well informed and ethical patient care.

As for the audience of my Influence Paper, I would want them to be able to grasp my capacity to contribute to quality improvement and evidence-based practice initiatives as I learn to become a nurse. I think this is extremely important, as these are skills that will be put into practice each day as a registered nurse.

When it comes to collaboration, my group members and I worked efficiently together. Though there were some minor hiccups throughout the process of completing the Final Paper, it mostly went smoothly. In working with others on such a specific task, I learned a lot about how I interact with group members. This was an important realization, as it gave me an inkling about what roles I will assume when I am a practicing nurse.

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